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HOUSE is an EOS token that allows users to stake for the individual bankrolls and share in the profits of all tokens/coins wagered or invested on the platform.

They say the house always wins.


We all know that. Yet, the opportunity to be the HOUSE was always reserved for the select few.


Why should we settle for that?

Imagine a community owned gaming platform in which you can become the HOUSE. A gaming website offering your favorite games, free of censorship that was designed from the ground up to drive the value created back to holders of HOUSE, users of the platform and those who choose to be part of the bankroll.


Up to this point there's been several DAPPS released for gaming and gambling. Without a doubt those token models benefit token holders much more than current day casinos. With that being said, it's not enough. The majority of profits made in gaming/gambling are retained by the house.


For Investors

Revolutionary Gambling Investing

betHOUSE will offer the largest share of platform profits to the community.

Instant dividend payment

All dividends will be paid in real time. No waiting time needed! Not a day or a week just instant.

Whitelabel API

betHOUSE will whitelabel games out to others and share profits with HOUSE token holders.

Both, users of betHOUSE and holders of HOUSE can receive multiple incentives built into the architecture of the platform and tokenomics designed around the HOUSE token.


Read our whitepaper to find out more.


For Players

  • Hybrid On-Chain Off-Chain For Gaming Speed
  • Provably Fair
  • Lowest House Edge
  • Multiple Cryptocurrency Options
  • On-site Exchange

House Edge For Games:

Dice: 1%

Roulette: 2.7%,

Crash: 1%


Our Dice HOUSE edge at 1%, makes betHOUSE by far the most competitive HOUSE edge in the EOS gambling space.


Read our whitepaper to find out more.


Total HOUSE Supply - 2 billion

No new HOUSE tokens will be created beyond the 2 Billion Supply. HOUSE will be deflationary with a constant amount of tokens being burned.


Team - 20%

Airdrop - 15%

Mining - 30%

Future Airdrop/Mining/Burn - 15%

Marketing/Affiliates - 10%

Reserve - 10%

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